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ARUM 5X-450, the Best Dental Milling Machine

A few months ago, I created a video titled "How to Find a Great Milling Machine: Five Key Points." When purchasing a dental milling machine, it's important to focus on the following five major factors: ① the best quality spindle, ② spindle power, ③ machine weight that is heavy enough, ④ a well-organized machine structure, and ⑤ consistently good quality and long machine lifespan.

How to Find A Great Milling Machine - Raymond Lee

If you're interested in watching the video, you can find it by following the link.

How to Find a Great Milling Machine

Based on these criteria, I can confidently recommend the Arum machine as an excellent choice. Today, I want to introduce the most competitive and widely available machine that offers great value for its price. That model is the 5X-450, which has gained significant popularity. It can mill various materials except for Co-Cr/Ni-Cr disks. With a spindle power of 1.28 kW, it utilizes the top-quality Sycotec spindle. The machine weighs 550 lbs.

One notable feature of this machine is its use of an open C-type cartridge, allowing for more precise milling of the labial side (the buccal side) and the under-cut zone, which usually require additional work for zirconia and PMMA materials.

When it comes to titanium abutment milling, the 5X-450 is highly useful as it can mill both the occlusal and cuff sides. Moreover, it allows for connectorless milling, eliminating the need for additional work after milling. It can also perform retention groove milling and thread milling, as well as titanium bar milling from the titanium disk. The machine can load 6 CAD blocks and features an auto-calibration, cartridge change, an easy-to-use automatic tool changer, and 15 tools.

Let's take a look at the comparison chart. As you can see, this model is comparable to Ceramil Motion II and Imes-Icore 350i or 350 PRO level machines. However, our 450 model surpasses them in several aspects: it has a more powerful spindle, a better spindle brand, and a heavier machine weight.

It's crucial to consider this point. Our competitors claim that their milling machines can handle all types of milling materials, but they often have inferior spindle brands, lower spindle power, and lighter machine weights. While these specifications may be suitable for comparatively soft materials like zirconia, PMMA, or resin, metal milling requires a completely different approach.

We advise customers to mill within the appropriate range specified by the machine, and we do not recommend using all types of materials, especially metals, with limited specifications. However, other competitors don't seem to follow this approach. This is where Arum stands apart from the competition. Our top priority is ensuring our customers' successful businesses.

We want them to use our machine for a long time, consistently delivering high-quality results without any complications. Your success with our machine is our ultimate goal and primary concern.

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