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Yoshida's laser technology is designed with a key focus on enhancing patient comfort and providing precise, efficient dental care. The system is distinguished by several innovative features:

  • Precision with Ultra-Small Spot Size: It boasts a spot size of just 0.15mm in diameter, enabling highly precise and delicate procedures that minimize damage to surrounding tissues, thereby improving patient comfort and the effectiveness of treatments.

  • Ease of Use: With user-friendly controls and intuitive settings, the laser system is designed for simplicity, allowing dental practitioners to quickly master its use and integrate it into their practices, thereby enhancing the overall treatment process.

  • Stable Peak Pulse Power: The laser ensures reliable and consistent results through stable peak pulse power, supporting a wide range of dental procedures from soft tissue surgery to periodontal treatment, and boosting both practitioner confidence and patient satisfaction.

  • Enhanced Visibility with Green Guide Beam: The system features a green guide beam that significantly improves treatment accuracy by providing a clear visual guide, thereby reducing the risk of errors and ensuring precise treatment outcomes.



Comfort First

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Experience the cutting-edge technology of our Dental Co2 Laser with our free trial run. Discover its precision and efficiency for yourself, and see how it can elevate your dental practice to the next level. Contact us now to schedule your free trial run

 “ We have utilized the Yoshida Opelaser Pro II CO2 Laser for approximately five years. While it has great value and ROI on many procedures such as excisional biopsies, gingival contouring, crown lengthening, frenectomies, etc; I fell it’s value is as an adjunct to a variety of procedures performed daily in dental practices. Utilization for incision, sulcus control post crown preparation, coagulation post extractions and aphthous ulcer treatment are just a few of the procedures undertaken with laser treatment with goal of decreasing the patient’s discomfort during the treatment and to speed post-operative healing”   

Dr. Robert Pauley, DMD, Union City, GA

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Patients Prefer Needle-Free and Drill-Free Fillings

Gone are the days of traditional dental fillings that require a needle and a drill. Today, dental professionals have access to advanced technologies that allow them to perform fillings without the need for a needle or a drill. In this article, we'll explore why patients prefer needle-free and drill-free fillings and what benefits these technologies offer.

Educed anxiety and discomfort

Many patients experience anxiety and discomfort when they think about visiting the dentist, especially when they imagine the sound of a dental drill. The prospect of receiving an injection can also be daunting for some. With needle-free and drill-free fillings, patients can avoid the discomfort and anxiety associated with traditional fillings. This makes the dental experience more pleasant and less stressful for patients.

Faster and more efficient treatment

Needle-free and drill-free fillings are typically faster and more efficient than traditional fillings. The technology uses air abrasion, laser, or ultrasonic vibration to remove decayed tissue, which is less invasive than drilling. The filling material can then be placed directly onto the tooth surface, without the need for an injection. This process can be completed in a shorter amount of time, allowing patients to get back to their daily routine more quickly.


Preserves more healthy tooth structure

Traditional drilling requires the removal of more tooth structure than needle-free and drill-free fillings. The more tooth structure that is removed, the weaker the tooth becomes, and the greater the risk of future problems. With needle-free and drill-free fillings, dental professionals can be more precise, removing only the decayed tissue and preserving more of the healthy tooth structure.

Needle-free and drill-free fillings offer a range of benefits for patients. They reduce anxiety and discomfort, are faster and more efficient, and preserve more healthy tooth structure. By choosing this advanced technology, patients can enjoy a more comfortable and stress-free dental experience. If you're interested in learning more about needle-free and drill-free fillings or scheduling an appointment, please contact our office today.

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The Dental CO2 laser provides precise cutting and coagulation, minimizing bleeding during surgery.



The laser's ability to seal nerve endings helps reduce post-operative pain and discomfort.



The Dental CO2 laser promotes faster healing and reduces the risk of infection, resulting in better overall post-surgical outcomes.

Blood Control
Pain Control


During dental surgery, it is important to control bleeding to ensure a clear and unobstructed view of the surgical site. The Opelaser Pro II uses a highly focused laser beam that can cut through tissue while simultaneously cauterizing the blood vessels in the area. This precise cutting and coagulating ability reduces the amount of bleeding during surgery, leading to a more efficient procedure and reduced risk of complications.

The laser beam in the Opelaser Pro II is delivered through a small fiber-optic cable, which is inserted into the surgical site. Once the laser beam is activated, it quickly cuts through the tissue, while also sealing any blood vessels that it comes into contact with. This helps to minimize bleeding and maintain a clear view of the surgical site, allowing the dentist or surgeon to work more efficiently.

Additionally, the Opelaser Pro II's ability to minimize blood loss can make the surgical site easier to see, which can improve the accuracy and precision of the procedure. With less bleeding, the surgical site is clearer, which can make it easier for the dentist or surgeon to identify important anatomical structures and avoid damaging them.

Overall, the Opelaser Pro II's excellent blood control ability helps to make dental surgeries faster, safer, and more effective, by reducing the amount of bleeding and improving the visibility of the surgical site.


The second advantage of the Opelaser Pro II dental CO2 laser is its effective pain control. The laser beam in the Opelaser Pro II is designed to minimize pain and discomfort during and after dental procedures.

During the procedure, the laser beam is able to vaporize tissue precisely and quickly, which reduces the amount of heat and trauma that is transferred to the surrounding tissue. This results in less pain, swelling, and discomfort compared to traditional surgical techniques.

Additionally, the Opelaser Pro II's laser beam also stimulates the production of endorphins, which are the body's natural painkillers. As a result, patients may experience less pain and discomfort both during and after the procedure.

Overall, the Opelaser Pro II's effective pain control can lead to a more comfortable and less stressful experience for the patient. This can be especially important for patients who are anxious about dental procedures, as well as for those who may be more sensitive to pain.


The third advantage of the Opelaser Pro II dental CO2 laser is its ideal post-surgery maintenance. This means that the laser is able to promote faster healing and reduce the risk of complications after the dental procedure.

The laser beam of the Opelaser Pro II is able to target only the damaged or diseased tissue, while leaving healthy tissue intact. This precision results in less trauma to the surrounding tissue, which leads to faster healing and less scarring.

Additionally, the laser beam of the Opelaser Pro II stimulates the production of biological glue, which  is essential for the healing process. Collagen helps to rebuild and strengthen the tissue that was damaged during the procedure, which can result in better outcomes and less discomfort during the healing process.

Post Surger

Overall, the Opelaser Pro II's ideal post-surgery maintenance can help to ensure that patients have a smooth and speedy recovery after their dental procedure. This can be especially important for patients who have complex dental procedures or who may be at a higher risk of complications.

The most effective tool, Yoshida CO2 laser, for minimally invasive dental treatment(Short Ver.)
The most effective tool, Yoshida CO2 laser, for minimally invasive dental treatment
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The Mesmerizing Potential of the Yoshida CO2 Laser for Hemostasis and Beyond
Smart Investments for Unparalleled Patient Care
Why should a CO2 laser be chosen among various lasers in dentistry?


Compact and easy to use laser that uses a newly developed manipulator
Best over focus enables superior cutting and vaporization performance



The sharpest incisions yet possible can be made using the laser’s Ø0.15mm. As well as cutting and removals, a variety of other procedures are also possible