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The Strategic Impact of CAD/CAM Innovations in 2024


Greetings from Raymond Lee at Raymond's Dental Solutions. The year 2024 marks a pivotal year in dental lab technology, introducing major changes in how dental labs of all sizes function and prosper. A key factor in this change is the growing integration of 3D printing and CAD/CAM technology into dental lab processes, challenging labs to not only adopt these advancements but also to refine and stabilize them for sustained success.

Leading this change is Arum Dentistry, renowned for its precise and innovative approach to dental lab technology. Over the last ten years, Arum Dentistry has established itself with an impressive array of 11 different CAD/CAM milling machines, celebrated for their reliability and stability. Arum provides solutions for all types of labs, from small setups needing compact models to large operations requiring durable, high-capacity machines.

Arum Dentistry's milling machines stand out for their technological superiority, versatility, precision, and ease of use. These machines have consistently received accolades for significantly enhancing the quality of lab outputs. One small lab owner noted, "Using Arum's machine noticeably elevated the quality and accuracy of our products."

A large lab operator also shared, "With Arum's selection, we can easily find a machine that matches our size and needs without sacrificing quality or performance." The real value of these machines also includes excellent support, provided by Doowon USA Inc., known for its outstanding technical assistance in the dental lab sector.

Doowon USA Inc. is praised for its quick response times and effective problem-solving, earning widespread praise in the industry. A technician from a medium-sized lab recounted, "Doowon USA was incredibly swift and skilled in resolving our technical issues."

The synergy between Arum Dentistry's advanced milling machines and the superior support from Doowon USA Inc. offers a strong advantage for dental labs dealing with the complexities of modern dental technology. This partnership effectively meets the immediate needs of dental labs while preparing them for future growth and achievement. The collaboration between Arum Dentistry and Doowon USA Inc. sets new standards in the industry.

This combination of leading technology supported by unparalleled service is driving dental labs into a new phase of efficiency, quality, and innovation. As the dental lab industry evolves, this alliance serves as a guiding light for labs aiming not only to keep up but to excel in the dynamic healthcare landscape.

Thank you for your attention. Ensuring your business's success is our top priority.

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