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Prioritizing Staff Experience for a Successful Dental Practice

By now, it's evident to many in the dental community that offering top-tier services is paramount for a successful practice. We've delved into this topic in several of our past videos.

However, today I'd like to present a slightly unconventional perspective: prioritizing the needs of your staff over those of your patients. Here's why.

When dental professionals, including your staff, personally experience the treatments they adm

inister, they gain a unique insight. This firsthand knowledge allows them to share genuine testimonials with patients, enhancing trust and credibility.

staff before patients

Consider this: when a team member sees the practice invest in state-of-the-art equipment like the Co2 laser and the

n personally experiences the comfort it offers during treatments, they'll naturally value it more. For instance, aphthous ulcers often manifest due to exhaustion. If a dental team member undergoes a swift and efficient laser treatment for such an ulcer, they'll undoubtedly be impressed. The same holds true for procedures like vestibuloplasty or gingivectomy. Any dental professional knows the challenges of blood control during surgeries. Witnessing a nearly bloodless procedure with the Co2 laser can be a game-changer.

Imagine a staff member's child requiring a frenectomy. Using the Co2 laser for such a procedure can be eye-opening for the staff, especially when they see the precision and speed it offers compared to traditional methods.

Furthermore, it's been observed that a mere 20-30 seconds of vaporizing with the Co2 laser before and after general treatments can enhance their effectiveness. It aids in better drug absorption and reduces treatment duration. When staff members experience these benefits firsthand, their explanations to patients become more authentic and persuasive.

In essence, when your staff understands and appreciates the advantages of advanced treatments, especially after personal experience, they become more than just employees. They transform into advocates, passionately communicating the high standards of your practice to patients.

For those dentists aspiring to elevate their practice to unparalleled heights, I strongly advocate for this approach. Prioritize staff experience, and watch your practice thrive.

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