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Curing Denture Discomfort: The Revolution of Yoshida CO2 Laser Treatment for Ulcers

Denture ulcers, which are sore spots that form under or around dental prosthetics, can arise due to various reasons including with their own set of side effects.

Enter the Yoshida CO2 laser—a revolutionary solution to this age-old problem.


This state-of-the-art treatment method targets and vaporizes the affected tissue, paving the way for swift recovery. What's more, it bolsters the immune response and curtails inflammation, thus minimizing the chances of ulcer recurrence. Some standout benefits of this laser treatment are:

  • Painless Treatment: The entire process is devoid of pain, eliminating the need for anesthesia.

  • Swift Recovery: The laser promotes quick tissue regeneration, ensuring faster healing of ulcers.

  • Lowered Infection Risk: The laser's ability to kill bacteria drastically reduces potential infections.

  • Zero Side Effects: Unlike traditional medications, this treatment is free from any adverse effects.

  • Economic Viability: The cost of undergoing this laser treatment is on par with that of regular medications.

With the global population aging, the demand for dentures is on an upward trajectory. This necessitates that dental professionals equip themselves with effective solutions to tackle denture ulcers. The CO2 laser emerges as a reliable and efficient tool in this regard. Not only does it promise a more comfortable and side-effect-free experience, but it's also more pocket-friendly than its traditional counterparts. The majority of patients have expressed immense satisfaction with this laser treatment, feeling valued and well-attended to. Such positive feedback can significantly boost the reputation of a dental practice. Hence, the CO2 laser is fast becoming an essential tool in every dentist's arsenal.

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