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In recent times, dental lasers have gained popularity among dentists worldwide, including in the US. Have you incorporated a dental laser into your practice? If not, I strongly recommend considering the Opelaser Pro II for your office, as it will enhance your patients' comfort and elevate the quality of your services.

The Yoshida CO2 laser, Opelaser Pro II, boasts three significant advantages:

  1. Exceptional blood control: This laser provides excellent control over bleeding during procedures.

  2. Effective pain management: It is well-suited for pain control, ensuring a more comfortable experience for patients.

  3. Post-surgery maintenance: The laser proves highly beneficial for post-operative care, aiding in recovery and reducing discomfort.

Let's take a closer look at vestibuloplasty, a procedure known to result in significant bleeding. By utilizing the Opelaser Pro II, the surgery can be completed swiftly with minimal blood loss. The laser's shallow penetration depth ensures nerve and lymph exposure is minimized, resulting in reduced pain during treatment and even after surgery.

Furthermore, the Opelaser Pro II excels in post-surgery maintenance. For example, following implant surgery, suturing, gingivectomy, and other procedures, applying this laser to the area for a few minutes provides pain relief, enhances drug absorption, and accelerates the healing process.

The FDA has officially verified these three primary advantages, as evidenced by their documents (shown in the FDA paper). Additionally, numerous dentists have shared testimonials confirming the benefits of the Opelaser Pro II.

To truly appreciate the convenience and effectiveness of this laser, I encourage you to incorporate it into a few of your treatments. As a special offer, we are providing dentists with the opportunity to try the Opelaser Pro II at your chairside, free of charge, for a couple of weeks. Please inform us when you would like to rent a demonstration unit for your office, and we will promptly make the necessary arrangements.

By embracing the Opelaser Pro II, you can revolutionize your dental practice, providing your patients with optimal care and comfort.

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