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What is the core competitiveness of your dental business?

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

To provide patients, staff and dentist with Wow- experience and make the dental office a happy and healing place for everybody

Today I want to tell you what the core competitiveness of your dental business is. If I can summarize just one sentence for this answer, the core competitiveness is to provide patients, staff and even dentists themselves with wow-experience and make the dental office a happy and healing place for everybody.

Last time when I sent a newsletter to dentists, I told them that patient satisfaction is not good enough for your dental business.

Just satisfying patients does not a big impact, while a few dissatisfied patients have a big impact. Recent studies found that one dissatisfied will tell approximately 9 to 15 people about her or his experience and one in ten will tell 20 people about her or his bad experience.

As social media expands word-of-mouth, the negative effect of word-of-mouth is more fatal than ever before.

76% of patients use online reviews before making a decision, and more than a million people see tweets about customer service every week, and about 80% of those tweets are negative.

Negative reviews can be devastating in today’s developed social media society. However, patients who felt extremely exceptional satisfaction become unbearable without telling thousands or tens of thousands of people about their experiences.

Therefore, patient’s satisfaction is not good enough for dentists’ business. Super satisfactory experience, so it called Wow-experience, is good enough for dentists’ business.

Today’s customers are not satisfied with the proper service and want to get a sense of thrill and special satisfaction by obtaining greater value, interest, or pleasure than in the past.

This is deeply related to services that appeals to customers’ thoughts and emotions.

We must move our patients to the point that the services we provide become Wow-experience which they have never experienced. Wow experience is to exceed your customer expectation and to go to meet patients’ unique needs in a timely manner.

To effectively provide a Wow-experience in your dental office, the most important thing is that the doctor herself/himself should fully agree with this. It becomes feasible when all staff work together with the doctor as a team for the same goal of providing a Wow-experience. No matter how good the other parts are, if one part is dissatisfied, it’s a failure. It may not be easy to achieve this goal with the power of one dentist alone. However, if you share our concrete solutions and experiences, it becomes an achievable goal for any dentist. Once a dental office that provides such a Wow-experience is completed, the business will be automatically and continuously growing without any advertisement.

Additionally, the office will be a happy workplace which gives everybody, doctors, staff and patients, Wow-experience.

To make this kind of wonderful business possible, dentist and staff will examine in detail how to do, what system to create and how to care for patients in each field and plan to create strategies.

I will probably cover more than 40 agendas in the future. For each agenda, if you give me a lot of questions and comments, we can make it a more perfect solution.

Some people may find this process very difficult. But, in fact, this is not a very difficult and troublesome level to achieve. Rather, I will provide very specific and actionable solutions. Still, some people may ask, “Should I even do this? Isn’t the dentist’s sacrifice too much?” I think you can ask these questions.

Speaking from my long consulting experience of 23 years, there may be business models that can produce some degree of economic success in business, but it is clear that such models cannot improve the quality of life of all people, including patients, doctors and staff more than this model. I definitely can say it won’t.

This business model strives to provide a Wow-experience to one another during the daily work of doctor and staff taking care of patients. And, of course, by providing a Wow-experience to patients as a team, their work site becomes a place where everyone can share their excitements and happiness.

You and our team, Dental Solution USA can make it happen as a team.

Next posting can show you the topic of every agenda which I will tell you in the future.

Thank you so much for your watching. If this video was helpful to you, please click like and subscription.

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