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Every dentist knows that competition for patients is getting fiercer even after the end of Covid-19. In this reason, many dentists tend to take actions as follows to get a better management.

  1. New technologies through continuous educations such as Digital Radiography & Imaging, Implantology, CAD/CAM, Laser Therapy, etc.

  2. New equipment for better service such as CBCT, oral scanner, CAD/CAM milling solutions, laser, etc.

  3. More advertisements ; Many dentists reluctantly pay lots of money for marketing to invite new patients.

Every solutions has its own advantages but it's not enough because most doctors try the same way and those ways are not sufficient solutions for 3 top reasons (expensive costs of care, dental anxiety, bad memories from past visit) which keeps patients from seeing a dentist in the first place. In addition, patients actually don't know about new technologies and new equipment. They have already been exhausted with so many advertisements.


What patients really want

1. Expensive cost of care

Patients will be willing to bear the high cost of care if the doctor's treatment becomes very exciting and makes them satisfied.

2. Dental Anxiety

If patients feel very comfortable and satisfied rather than fear of treatment, the dental office will be the place they want to go.

3. Bad memories from past visits

If patients have exciting and excellent memories from past visit, they will want to strongly recommend the dentist to the others.

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