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There we were, at LMT Lab day Chicago 2022🎉

Finally, in Chicago, we could get together and reconnect with each other in person. According to the LMT article, 2,441 attendees flew from 47 states and 39 countries which were amazing. It seemed to be less crowded than before Covid-19 but, nevertheless, the eagerness for the new technology and the latest information led us to be energetic.

This year, we carried the brand-new machine of Arum dentistry, 5x-300Pro, to the show, and as expected, especially many dentists were interested in this air compressor's built-in model which means less space for the compressor and less noise from it. And the one more thing why the dentists have an interest is that the 5x-300Pro is very compact but it is both for wet and dry milling, so it can mill from Zirconia, PMMA to Emax, and because of these two factors, we could recommend this one as the best choice for the dentist offices or small labs.

We were so pleased to meet our old customers, friends and new visitors face to face again at the show and introduce our dental milling machines to every single visitor appropriately. We would like to thank everyone who drop by our booth. We have been following up with our visitors for further information. Hope we see you again and stay healthy.

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