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The successful dental business at the will of the dentist

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Due to Covid Pandemic, many changes have occurred in our daily lives, and our business environments have become more competitive. We are forced to consider much more variables to remain successful. Consequently, change and innovation have become parts of both our professional and personal lives.

If I had to point out one thing to continue to be successful in the increasingly competitive dental business, I think it would be that dentists aim to not just satisfy their patients and staff but to impress them.

Dentists cannot do it alone to create a business that gives patients super exceptional satisfaction, and active cooperation with staff is essential.

To create such a high-quality service with the staff, first of all, the dentist must become a very good friend and family member to the staff and a person who gives them a wow experience on a daily basis.

At first glance, doing business like this may seem too difficult for dentists. However, when analyzed strictly, the difference between the general level of satisfaction and this high level is only about 20% more energy required. This 20% of energy is a huge and decisive factor in your successful business.

Given the possibility of a dentist’s failure when staying at an average level, the stress in business, and the cost, and energy of trying to do something better, the benefits of investing 20% more energy in this direction are truly enormous.

In fact, many dentists think it is impossible to create such a high level of service and tend not to challenge it at all. However, I believe creating this level of service is a sufficiently feasible goal if the dentist has a firm will. Of course, not everything is well done in a day.

It can be a rather long-term project that needs to be made step by step over time. 1-2 years at the shortest or 3-4 years at the longest.

The second important part is that it is essential to create an environment in which patients can receive treatment comfortably without fear, given that more than 75% of the patients visiting the dentist visit with fear or anxiety. If a machine is made to maximize patient comfort, it becomes a must-have for the dentist. That machine is the Yoshida CO2 laser.

On top of those two, if you work with the dental solution USA team, it will help you achieve this goal faster. If time permits, many related videos posted on YouTube (Raymond’s dental solutions) will also help a lot.

Your successful business and your happiness are always our primary concerns.

Thank you so much.

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