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The Cutting Edge of Dentistry: Canker Sore Treatment with Opelaser Pro II

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A visit to the dentist can turn into a delightful experience for patients if they are exposed to the high-quality services and benefits that your practice offers. This is especially true for the 20% of the American population that experiences canker sores from time to time. These painful ulcers can significantly interfere with eating and talking, making life quite uncomfortable. The common treatments include topical anesthetics, mouth rinses, corticosteroid ointments, and antibiotics, none of which provide immediate relief.

However, the innovative Opelaser Pro II, a CO2 laser treatment, promises an immediate return to normal life after the procedure. The laser operates by increasing blood flow and circulation to the affected area and inducing anti-inflammatory properties, which promotes wound healing and reduces inflammation. The laser's heating capability of 43 degrees Celsius stimulates the immune system, eliminating harmful proteins and activating beneficial ones.

A single 30-second vaporization creates a layer of 0.2-0.3mm thickness, while three or four repetitions create a 1mm layer, equivalent to the thickness of the tissue's epithelium, thereby restoring the epithelial layer as quickly as possible. Although multiple treatments might be needed in some cases, one treatment session can alleviate symptoms for a day or more, leading to full recovery after several short sessions.

Offering this treatment at your dentistry practice could serve as a potent marketing tool. First, the advanced treatment that the CO2 laser provides could be offered at a surprisingly affordable price to patients with canker sores. Each treatment could be priced around $50, since it only takes a few minutes to administer and is relatively simple to execute. Thus, a complete cure costing about $100 would likely appeal to patients.

Beyond this, regular patient visits for this minor ailment could open doors to enlighten them about the other quality services and treatments your practice offers. It also gives you the opportunity to provide preventive advice and identify additional business opportunities.

Imagine treating two canker sore patients each day with the Opelaser Pro II, and having one of them become a regular patient at your clinic. This would gradually increase your patient base, creating a successful business model that requires no extra advertising or marketing expenses. This makes investing in the Opelaser Pro II a compelling proposition for any dentist.

Stay tuned for our next story where we will delve into another treatment case.

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