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How a dental milling machine can boost your patient satisfaction and your business growth

There are two main categories that illustrate why dentists require a milling machine: for the benefit of their patients and for the growth of their business. With respect to patients, a dental milling machine can greatly enhance their satisfaction.

Patient Satisfaction

① Reduced Treatment Visits

Dental milling machines enable single visits or next-day treatments, instead of the traditional 1-2 week process, thus minimizing patient visits.

② Improved Patient Safety

The use of metal amalgam is avoided, preventing patient exposure to trace levels of mercury, thus enhancing their safety.

③ Increased Patient Comfort

The discomfort of traditional impressions is eliminated, and there is no waiting for the tooth image, ultimately leading to enhanced patient comfort.

④ Elevated Patient Satisfaction

Natural restoration shades, more durable and longer-lasting restorations can be achieved, leading to greater patient satisfaction.

Business Growth

① Easier Control and Prediction

CAD/CAM dentistry enables dentists to easily control and predict the final restoration, reducing the need for corrections and avoiding unpleasant surprises for both dentists and their patients.

② Higher demand and value

Many dental patients are willing to pay more for CAD/CAM restorations when they understand the benefits they can receive.

③ Time Efficiency

Dentists can save time and focus on treatment by controlling all procedures in-house.

④ Increased Treatment Appreciation and loyalty

Dentists can impress their patients by showing them the entire amazing process in action, which turns their time in the dental chair from an unpleasant and boring ordeal into an exciting and educational experience.

In conclusion, I have one suggestion to offer: keeping the milling machine visible to patients during the milling process can significantly increase their enthusiasm for CAD/CAM dentistry.

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