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How Can You Attract New Patients?

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Every dentist knows that competition for patients is fierce. Unfortunately, it would get even worse because the total number of dentists is projected to rise continuously until at least 2035. Lots of dentists fresh out of school will be looking for dental practice finance options and opening up offices of their own for the next 15+ years.

But do not be dismayed...You already have the upper hand with experience and existing patients.

What Drive Patients to One Dentist Over the Other?

It helps to understand what keeps patients from seeing a dentist in the first place. Here are some of the top reasons:

· Expensive costs of care

· Dental anxiety

· Bad memories from past visits Notice that 2 out three reasons have to do with their prior experiences. So what can you do about it?

Why Dental Equipment Matters to Patients?

In the most general terms, new equipment is designed to be faster, smarter, quieter, gentler, and more effective. In every way, it’s meant to be an upgrade over what it replaces, which is especially appealing to patients looking for a better way to care for their teeth.

When your tools and techniques are state-of-the-art you can assure people their treatment will be as quick and comfortable as possible, addressing anxieties and giving them a new positive experience to replace bad memories. In general, having updated equipment and high-tech aids allows dentists to deliver an experience totally unlike what patients are used to. That’s a huge asset for building up a client base and getting recommendations.

What Dental Equipment Should You Invest In?

Dental Laser – Modern dental lasers can replace the dental drill in a lot of procedures. As a result, procedures can be performed without anesthesia, bleeding, or any of the anxiety the drill inspires. Patients enjoy a much-upgraded experience that rewrites their expectations of dental treatment. At the same time, you’re able to perform more procedures in less time thanks to the added efficiency.

Why Yoshida CO2 Laser?

Not every laser company has history over 150 years. What' more Yoshida has CO2 Laser market share of more than 60 percent in Japan. Next in competition is worldly known company named Panasonic with only half of Yoshida's market share. How can we sustain majority of our market share competing with the big boys in Japan?

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