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Is Super-Pulsed CO2 Laser the Ideal Treatment for Concurrent Tongue-Tie and Anterior Diastema?

Today, we’re discussing a noteworthy study from 2002 by Haytac and colleagues on the simultaneous treatment of tongue-tie and anterior diastema in an adolescent using a super-pulsed CO2 laser. The study aimed to report on the concurrent treatment of tongue-tie and a gap between the upper front teeth in a 14-year-old boy with severe tongue-tie and a 4 mm diastema using this advanced laser technology.

The treatment comprised three main laser procedures:

  1. Lingual Frenectomy: The super-pulsed CO2 laser was employed to release the tongue-tie, enhancing tongue mobility.

  2. Gingival Recontouring: The laser was used to reshape the gums around the upper front teeth for improved aesthetics.

  3. Laser Osteoplasty: The laser was utilized to slightly recontour the alveolar bone between the central incisors to help reduce the gap.

Post-treatment, the patient showed a marked improvement in tongue mobility. The diastema size reduced significantly from 4 mm to 1 mm. The patient experienced minimal discomfort and bleeding during and after the procedure, with a smooth healing process and minimal postoperative complications. The patient expressed high satisfaction with both functional and aesthetic results.

Continuous wave vs super pulse wave

The study concluded that using a super-pulsed CO2 laser for treating tongue-tie and anterior diastema concurrently is safe, effective, and minimally invasive. This method significantly improves tongue mobility and reduces diastema with minimal discomfort and excellent healing outcomes. The findings indicate that the super-pulsed CO2 laser is a valuable tool for managing complex cases involving both functional and aesthetic dental issues, providing a quick and patient-friendly alternative to traditional surgical methods.

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