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Google Keyword Advertisements

1. Overview

Dental Solution USA aims to assist dental offices in attracting new patients in two distinctive ways. First, we will help dental offices beat their competition by helping them become more patient-centered and use updated equipment. Next, we will run a Google keyword advertisements campaign which will play a key role in generating new patients in a short time.

2. Google Keyword Advertisements

More than 85% of patients who need to visit a dentist select a dental office by doing a keyword search with phrases like “dentists near me” on Google before making their decisions. Well-established Google keyword campaigns do not miss this opportunity, and target business names are exposed at the top of the page, leading to patients’ dental office visits. Dental Solution USA’s digital marketing team creates and manages the most effective advertising campaigns based on extensive experience and proven results. Our team of dental consultants and digital marketing experts hold academic degrees in relevant fields and are qualified in Google Advertising.

3. Pricing

Advertising fee: $500/Month. * Actual advertising fee paid to Google

Digital Marketing fee: $300/Month. * The cost of planning, producing, and running a Google advertising campaign

4. Team Member Composition

Raymond G. Lee: Dental business consultant

Sam Kim: Digital marketing expert

Sunny Kim: Market research expert

Alex Lee: Technical Support

5. Recent Cases

(1) S dental office in NY

In the past 12 months, a total of 329 phone inquiries have been received through digital marketing with a conversion rate of 14% averaging 8 patient visits to the dental office per month as a result of digital advertisements.

(2) F dental office in DE

More than 12 customer inquiries per week and 20 new patient visits per month.

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